Let your website visitors upload files directly into your Google Drive folder, Dropbox folder, Box.com folder, S3 bucket, or Facebook photo album.

1. Go to https://www.cloudwok.com and create an account.

2. Create a CloudWok that is either connected to a folder in your Dropbox, Google Drive, Box.com account or other cloud storage accounts that are supported by CloudWok.

3. After you have created a Wok, you get a URL to an upload website, such as this: https://www.cloudwok.com/u/AneJ. The last four letters are your "wok id" (in this example: AneJ).

Simple file-upload widget without message form

File-upload Embed Code

To copy the following code, select it and press cmd/ctrl + c

<div class="cloudwok-embed" data-wokid="">
<div class="cloudwok-upload-files"></div>
<form class="cloudwok-upload">
<div class="cloudwok-dropzone"></div>
<div class="cloudwok-download-files"></div>
<div class="cloudwok-upload-message"></div>

(function(window, document) {
var loader = function() {
var script = document.createElement("script"),
tag = document.getElementsByTagName("script")[0];
script.src = "https://www.cloudwok.com/cdn-vassets/javascripts/cw.js";
tag.parentNode.insertBefore(script, tag);
window.addEventListener ? window.addEventListener("load", loader, false) :
window.attachEvent("onload", loader);
})(window, document);